Raja Ravi Varma

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Style and Impact

     The Hindu Divinities looked like real people. His depiction of Goddesses Saraswathi and Lakshmi received Nation wide recognition and all previous representations faded from the memory of the people. The Indelible impression of Gods and Goddesses that Indians have during a century and more is only the visual cultural heritage of Ravi Varma. Almost all characters and scenes from the Epics and Puranas had been drawn by him giving a realistic appeal.Ravi Varma's youngest brother Raja Raja Varma, himself an artist had travelled with him during his sojurn in Madras and other Northern States.He had painted most of the background landscape scenes but abdicated any seperate claim or recognition for himself throughout his life. Most of Varma's paintings have a panoramic background, landscapes which are distinct and separate from the others. Raja Ravi Varma can be called the Pioneer Portraitist of India as his portraits are numerous, mostly of royal families.


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